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"Speed of Sound, Sound of Mind" the Book

I am selling my book "Speed of Sound, Sound of Mind" with all proceeds going directly to JET. Having lost someone very close to me to suicide, I made it my life's mission to improve awareness and education of Mental Health. My opinion is that resilience is intrinsically linked to mental health, so what better way to help the next generation with their Mental Fitness than by contributing to the excellent work of JET.

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My name is Roger Cruickshank and after losing someone very close to me to suicide in 2010, I have since been campaigning for Mental Health Awareness and trying to educate people in how to stay Mentally Fit. My opinion is that Resilience is intrinsically linked to Mental Fitness, hence why I want to do everything to support the next generation in learning how to improve their Mental Fitness. Reading about peoples' experiences and stories is what helped me through the grief of losing my Mum and is why I decided to write the book called "Speed of Sound, Sound of Mind". I tell the story of achieving my dream of competing in the Olympics after having my leg rebuilt and of reaching my ambition to become a RAF Typhoon Fighter Pilot. I want to inspire and help people realise that anything is possible when you never give up. Even just simply finding peace after a traumatic experience is possible, but we need to share and learn from each other. Hence why I think contributing to the growing community at JET is an important step in trying to help our future generation. You can buy the book by messaging me on either Instagram @sos_coaching_ltd or Facebook: or LinkedIn: @Roger Cruickshank
  • £50 could pay for one day session for one child on the three-year Blue Skies Programme.
  • £100 could fund one child through the 5 session Blue Skies Inspire package.
  • £250 could fund a one-off Inspirational Outreach session within a school.
  • £1500 could fund one child through the full three-year Blue Skies package.


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Reuben Came
about 1 month ago
Looking forward to reading this!
Nikola Jurovová
3 months ago
Nick Forster
10 months ago
Connor S
10 months ago
Well done for all your amazing work Roger your a real inspiration. I look forward to reading your book as well :) We are very grateful for all the work you do to spread awareness for mental health it's so important.
Rob A
11 months ago
Great book mate. Love your work!